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About MBC

MBC strives to provide that special touch to make your celebration day that much more special.

We are small enough to give you individual attention and savvy enough to scout out some of the best favors on offer from around the world.

Make an appointment to see us today and learn more about what we can do for you.

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Hello and welcome to Merci Beaucoup's (MBC) home online.

We have helped several brides and expectant mothers to make their celebrations that much more memorable by adding something special to the festivities.

Whether you require packaging, decorations, practical keepsakes or whimsical additions, we have a fine selection of items for you to peruse. Should your style be feminine or your theme be informal, we are sure you'll find something to fall inlove with in our collections.

To keep costs low we can custom order your selection or you can make your selection from the range of items we have in stock.

We hope you find us early in your event-planning as this leaves plenty of time to consider, discuss and order the items with which you wish to enhance your celebration .

Thank you (merci) for your visit. We hope to hear from you very soon.